Application methods:
Solution:high ester pectin mixed with 5 times of saccharine gradually stirred and dissolved into 85℃ water while later is heated to boiling.As gelling agent:for high methoxyl pectin solution.add in citric acid tartaric acids to make the PH in the range of 2.8-4.2,and sufficient (45-68% by weight) sugars such as sucrose.For low methoxyl pectin,when completed dissolution,add in small amount of Ca2+ions ( such as calcium gluconate or calciumchlonate),or adjust the PH value to 2.8-6.5 and amount of sugars to 10-55%. As thichening agent:when dissolved,the pectin becomes a thick liquid,according the production need,use pectin solution accordingly.


  1. when dissolving pectin,do not exppose it to high temperature excessively for more than 8 minutes;
  2. also,when dissolving pectin,stirring rapidly to prevent incomplete dissolving and affect usage.
  3. do not keep pectin solution for too long. Dissolve only when needen.

Pectin is packed in 1 kg small pack and 20 kg to a box,We also customize packaging at requests.


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